Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's the BIG One Card

 Yesterday was one busy day. I left the house at 9:00 am to go quilting; came back for a quick meal with Joe about 5:00; left again for the quilt guild meeting and not home until 9:11 pm. I was exhausted. We did have a great day quilting though. Our guild sponsored a workshop to make comfort quilts for those who suffering from a serious illness or other problems and just need to know someone cares about them….and nothing says caring more than a hand made quilt. We had 19 people sewing and 8 helpers plus the organizers who taught and helped solve problems. It was a challenging quilt block and the type of block that is best taught in a class rather than figuring it out by yourself - but a fun one to learn and we all had a great time. The family of someone we had given a quilt to donated a gift card to a local coffee/donut shop (Tim Horton’s) to our group as a thank you so the organizers brought in a couple dozen muffins to share at break time. Although we do not ask for anything when we give someone a quilt, sometimes the family or even a business or service group makes a donation and every contribution goes to buying more supplies for more quilts. We quite often get thank you cards and I think they read off about 10 or 12 last night.

Today I’m back with another masculine card and yes, made from the stash bin.

I found the plain green and striped green that really matched well and taped them together at the back and then added a matching ribbon along the seam. The fish is a free clip art that I downloaded a couple of years ago and printed off a few of them on photo paper and this was the last one left. I thought it would be perfect for this card but it needed something to be mounted on. I tried several other green bits and nothing really needed some then I went to the opposite colour on the colour wheel and found this reddish-wine circle that was already die cut and never used. Perfect! The sentiment is computer generated and mounted on a left over piece of the same reddish-wine cardstock. I then drew a black line to look like he was hooked on a fishing line and called it done!

That’s all for a cool….and starting to snow again….Thursday,




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