Monday, March 28, 2016

Double Pocket Card

Wow, did we ever go through a thunderstorm last night! The lightning lit up the sky over and over; the thunder was loud; the wind was howling and the rain came down in sheets…..and it’s still raining this morning. Yesterday afternoon was a surprisingly warm day……the calm before the storm!!! we went for a nice long walk and stopped to talk to a neighbour that just got back from Florida. Because the storm was brewing though my brain disorders start to attack me Saturday night so my speech was terrible and I was in some discomfort (okay pain) so even going for a walk was an effort…but worth it……and Joe did most of the talking….which is not the norm!! However, as I always say, every day this side of the dirt is a good one! Today is a better day, except for the odd speech pattern.

Today’s card is one of the double-pocket cards I made last week. I found the instructions on Pinterest and decided to try to make one. I like these a lot. Remember if you want to save one of my cards to your own Pinterest account for reference, just put your mouse over the card until the Pinterest symbol shows up and left-click and it will take you right to your Pinterest account.

I used double-sided paper which works the best for this project. All my double-sided paper was 12”x12” and this project calls for an 8 ½” x 11” size so I used the parts cut off as the embellishments. Not one piece went into the stash!!!! These are quite easy to make as long as you are accurate in your creasing and cutting. Having a Scor-Pal board really helped. I won’t explain it how to make one here as there are so many good tutorials already on the Internet…….. but I hope you do try it.
It ends up with two pockets so I cut two tags to go in each one. However, the largest tag has a lip at the bottom that forms a third pocket for a gift card to slide into. I meant to photograph that but forgot. When the recipient pulls out the gift card, the Happy Birthday sentiment is still on the tag and it can be used as a bookmark. The ribbon is wrapped all around the card and kept in place with double-sided tape. I wish I had put the ribbon up higher though which I did on the next card I made. Live and learn! Besides, this one was going to be a prototype and usually the practice cards are trashed but this one was good enough to send to someone. I can't wait to make some more of these!.....but I have a huge pile of quilts that need to be finished too. Decisions, decisions.

That’s all for a very rainy Easter Monday, March-28-16






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