Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Card Number One

Easter is next weekend. I always think of Easter as being in April because my youngest daughter was born April 6 and it happened to be Easter weekend. So, yesterday afternoon I thought I better take the time to make Easter cards for the ladies in the nursing home that I visit every month. All the cards were made from paper in my stash – it was a challenge I gave myself. Here’s the first one I made.

For this card, the background paper was cut for another project and this piece was left over. I trimmed it to the size of the card and glued it to a card base. The light pink in the centre is a piece of very wide ribbon which is held in place with double sided tape – my preferred method of adhering ribbon.  It has a beautiful embossed design on it but hard to see in the photo. The two other strips were left over from one of the double fold cards I made and they were each cut about ½” and also added with double sided tape. Then gold peel-off strips were added along the seams.

Every card is different so stay tuned for more ideas. That’s all for a cool, windy Monday, March-21-16.




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