Monday, October 24, 2016

A Crash and a Card

CRASH IS RIGHT! We had a rude awakening Sunday morning just after 7:00. A very intoxicated man was speeding and forgot to turn at the end of our street and went right up our neighbour’s driveway and smashed into their garage. He hit it so hard it was pulled from the house and he took down part of the fence between us. Most of those that heard the crash thought a train hit something. Yes, it was that loud. Here’s a photo I took of the truck stuck in the garage. Needless to say he has been charged with impaired driving. Idiot. I have no tolerance for those who drink and drive.

 And now for the card.

Today’s card is a little different. My daughter’s friend who is getting married will be getting a step-daughter, about 12 I think. They get along fine but I thought she might be a little left out at the wedding with the parents getting all the cards and gifts (although they requested no gifts you know some people are going to ignore that) so I made a card for her. The inside has something about she will always be the centre of her dad’s heart – thus three hearts on the front.


The background paper is a small tight wavy lined blue paper. The next layer came with the decorations on the bottom and top right corner in the mixed media style…but I added the broken honeycomb bit via stencil because it was too bare there. A doily was cut in half and added to the left side along with an ivory ribbon and bow and then a pearl. I hand cut 3 hearts – I don’t have any heart dies – and turned them over onto an old mouse pad and ran the rounded end of a paint brush over them to give them dimension – much like you do making flower petals. Then they were spritzed with red ink and yellow ink was splattered on – just for more interest. The edges were inked a little heavier with a sponge. The smallest heart was placed in the centre of the one big heart. A small banner was cut form the same paper as the background and a blue butterfly was glued on. I’m hoping a pre-teen will like the card.

It was a typical cool fall day here today but I spent the day over at the church making comfort quilts for those in our community who need some comforting. Oh, and then when I got home I found out that it was the neighbour’s son (who is still a bit traumatized from the accident) birthday today so I baked chocolate cupcakes for them all. It was a good day. Hope yours was too.



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