Wednesday, October 5, 2016

An Oldie Card...and an Anniversary of sorts!

Late yesterday afternoon we had the cable guy here to add TIVO to our cable service. They called us a couple of weeks ago and offered us a free TIVO and no monthly charge so we decided to take it. With the old PVR system I could tape 2 shows at once but then I couldn’t watch a third show. With this system, I can tape up to 5 and watch one….not that there is ever 5 shows on at once that I want to tape but sometimes there are 2 and then I cannot watch my baseball or hockey games…..speaking of baseball, my Toronto Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles last night in a nail-biter of a game and it took them 11 innings to do so. The TIVO is going to be good to have but man is it complicated to learn – and they don’t have instruction booklets. The cable guy says most seniors really struggle learning it and I can believe that. I was just glad the fellow had it all installed before the game started!

The sort of anniversary story is at the end. Today’s card is an oldie that I made at a card making session but never got around to photographing or posting. I had quite a pile of them and kept moving them around because I was keeping them for inspiration but I finally decided to let them go. This one was made using an old Stamping Bella stamp but any similar stamp would do.

I showed this to a friend of mine and she instantly decided it was perfect for her niece. I wasn’t sure about the colours they chose to give us but in the end it was okay. The four squares were taped together and the ribbon was wrapped around them before they were glued to the card base. The rectangles were not cut even so they were just glued in on an angle….not my ‘too-fussy’ way of doing it but that’s the way the said to do it. Some brads were added to the top right. We coloured the image with Tombow markers and at home I sponged one some blue as it was too stark being plain white. The shadow is an oval stamp and we covered the image and then stamped it on plain paper a couple of times and then on the card so it wouldn’t be too dark. This is not my favourite card but once again, it was perfect for someone else.

That’s all for a lovely Wednesday, 2016-10-05



Ps: Yesterday was a sort of anniversary for me…..16 years ago, October 4 2000; I underwent very risky, exploratory brain surgery. It was so risky I had to talk the neurosurgeon into doing the surgery as he was reluctant to do it (too great a chance I would have a major stroke be a vegetable) ….he said they seldom did exploratory brain surgery anymore as most of the time they know exactly what they are going to do but in my case..….. they had no clue in spite of all the tests they tried. I was in so much constant pain I told him I'd take my chances. Turns out the cause was so rare he had never, ever seen it before or even read about it. Leave it me! So I am left with two rare brain disorders; trigeminal neuralgia and hemi-facial paralyses and yes, I have some painful longer constant or as painful.....and I’m alive and loving living. I hope you are doing the same! Remember – every day this side of the dirt is a good one!

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jinxxxygirl said...

Happy Anniversary my dear! I'm so happy to have met you this side of the dirt. :) Hugs! deb

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