Monday, May 1, 2017

Two Cards on a Long Day

Two cards are posted after this long story of our day!

Well this was quite the day! We had a very cool/cold weekend with pouring rain and I wasn’t feeling all that well so we did nothing all weekend. This morning I felt better so we checked the weather network about 9:30 and it predicted a few showers until 11:00 and then clearing with only 30% chance of rain. WRONG! I’ve been so house bound with this virus I was really hoping to get out of the house for awhile….and the doctor did say some fresh air would do be good….so we decided to take a drive to Rondeau Provincial Park; have a quick lunch at the Visitor’s Centre; and maybe walk a couple of the short trails. Doesn’t that sound like a nice plan?

Well, it started to rain just before we left the house…but we kept going…so did the rain…sometimes a sprinkle; then a downpour; then back to a sprinkle. It was still raining quite hard at the park so we had our lunch and visited with a couple of other birding friends that we only see in May during the birding season….and it was still raining! We drove around the park; still raining; we sat in the car and had a coffee; still raining. We decided that was it, we were heading for home.

Well, just before we got to the exit the rain stopped. Mmmmhhh. Okay, lets just walk along the first two bridges at Spice Bush Trail because the car is only a few feet from the first bridge and if it starts raining again we can get the car very quickly. We didn’t see many birds; chatted with other birders; and no more rain......we and decided to drive back to the end of the park again….just in case. Well, the rain did stop and the sun even tried to come out so we walked up a trail to see if we could find the very elusive Yellow-breasted Chat. A few other birders were standing on the trial and one of them spotted the Chat just as we got there and was kind enough to point him out to us. This is only the second time we have ever seen one so it made our day. I couldn’t get a picture of it because it was deep in the tangle but at least we got to see it. We ended up seeing about a dozen migratory birds overall but because I’m fighting this virus; we didn’t stay long and headed for home.

As we got close to town Joe casually asks, “Would you like me to buy you a new computer today?” Me: “What? You’re offering to buy me a computer? Now? YES please!” He is so full of surprises so I am now the new owner of a computer but our neighbour has to get it set up and running yet. Love my hubby!

So, finally here are two cards I made using the same picture from a recycled greeting card and yet they the two cards look very different.

Both of these cards were made exactly the same except for the embellishments. The window was die cut with Memory Box die and plastic was glued behind it to look like glass. The green crinkled paper came that way – a thrift store find so I don’t know who made it but I like it! I had two old greeting cards the same so instead of throwing them in the recycle, I used them for these cards.

For this card I simply wrapped some glitter thread around it and added the peel-off sentiment. I kept it simple because I thought this would be a nice sympathy card for a man.

For the card for a woman, I simply added  the glitter thread; the flower with a gem in the centre; and die cut vines. This changed the look of the card completely.

That’s all for a very wet Monday, May 1, 2017. More rain off and on all week except for Wednesday….which will be grass cutting day.




aqaufit said...

I like your cards! I really like how you changed the look with the flower and vine

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh my Gosh we need to cut our grass too... thanks for reminding All this rain has it growing like a banshee... and we are expecting more rain tonight and tomorrow... just need a little break to let things dry a little before we cut..

Glad you finally got a little walk in and some bird watching... the cow birds have discovered my bird feeder ...sigh... let me tell you they can wipe it out in an instant... better than the crows...

The Hummers have showed up as of a couple days ago... The does are walking around heavily pregnant.... their yearling from the previous year still following them around... Won't be long and we should be seeing lots of fawns... The squirres are around in force.... and will be that way until sometime in August when the ripening pinecones call them away...

Love your cards Violet... the additional embellishments really do make a difference... Hugs! deb

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