Friday, September 29, 2017

Repurposed Card

What a severe change in temperatures! It was so hot earlier in the week we could hardly breathe but today was a sweater day!....and/or a rain coat day! It was sunny one moment and pouring rain the next. I just got inside the house from getting some groceries for my sister and opened the windows only to have to rush to close them again before the rain could come in. Odd, odd weather. Oh, and of course there has to be a mishap if I’m involved. One bedroom window is usually, I say usually, hard to push closed so I gave it a push and wham! my finger was smashed into the frame……Ouch!....I try to shake it off while wincing in pain and telling hubby what happened…....Joe just shakes his head…again. He says I move to fast and should slow down and I just say I’m accident prone…..a little truth in both statements!

Anyway, today’s card is a repurposed one. Some of my friends save their greeting cards for me….some I can use and some just go right into the recycle bin…and this time I got one to repurpose. Here it is in its second life.

She gave me that centre piece so I carefully cut around each point to remove it from the white background. Then I glued it to that pretty blue cardstock and then to a yellow card base. Before gluing it down I die cut the banner (Little B die) from the middle of the blue cardstock – why waste it!  It is attached with a dimensional strip. The sentiment is a peel-off…which looks crooked a bit so I fixed it after seeing this photo.  That is a great tip by the way – take a photo of your cards or scrapbook pages or quilts and then check them over on the computer – its amazing what errors you will see that way but not with the naked eye. I definitely do that for my quilts…which I learned the hard way!

That’s all for a sunny but rainy Friday, September 29, 2017.

Have a wonderful, safe and creative weekend everyone.



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