Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Left Over Card

Ahhhh! The A/C is off and the windows are wide open! It was still hot and humid this morning, although not as bad as the last several days, but the temperature started to drop this afternoon and by supper time we were able to open the windows. What a relief! We should be back to more seasonal temperatures for a few weeks now.

In response to the comment on yesterday’s post (yes, I read and respond to the comments directly but sometimes a question or comment needs to be addressed here as well) I would love to get some Darice $2.00 embossing folders but they will not ship to Canada. I have no idea why. Sizzix won’t either. Some companies   charge such exorbitant prices to ship to Canada its absolutely laughable and yet others, like Simon Says, has very reasonable shipping. Some companies are missing out on a very lucrative market buy skipping or price gouging Canadians…..we have money and like to buy craft supplies!!!! Are you listening USA companies?

Today’s card is another Christmas card made from left over bits from other cards and projects….and yet I really like it!


The ornament is a Stampin’ Up die and it cuts through sparkly thick foam with no problem even though some of the pieces are a so small. I placed a piece of shiny red paper behind it but you can’t see how shiny it is in the photo. The fancy paper behind the ornament is about all that is left of a 12x12 piece I bought at the Paper Pickle….love that paper and sad to see it gone. The frame was left over from cutting out the middle part for a different card so I trimmed it off even and placed the designer paper behind it. Then it was glued to the designer paper that covered the 5 ½” card base. The branch is a Tim Holtz die and I added some glitter to it to look like snow. The sentiment is a silver peel-off. Over all I think it turned out just fine.

That’s all for a lovely Wednesday, September-27-17.



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1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i'm so sorry you cannot get Darice embossing folders... I wonder if i could send them to you any cheaper??? If your interested in that let me know.
We could investigate that...When they are not on sale they are like $4.99 on sale this last time i paid less than $2 each...

Love your card Violet... Don't you hate it when you find a paper you like and then its gone!! I'm pretty picky about the paper i like and buy so when i find one i try to buy several... This card turned out so good and its totally my 'taste' Hugs! deb

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