Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Snowing Again....and a Card

Snowing again! We woke up to at least another 4” of snow again this morning. Yesterday morning it was less than an inch and I was able to shovel the driveway myself but today we had to get the neighbour to do it with his snow blower – more money spent on having the driveway cleared this winter than on anything else….and it’s only February 7th. Another six weeks at least of winter to go.

A friend of mine asked if I could make her cards for a couple of young boys so of course I said sure. Then when I got home I couldn’t remember exactly the boys’ ages but I knew they were between 7 and 13. So here’s one of the cards I made. 

I took a piece of white cardstock and die cut some stars out of it – a new Stampin’ UP die set I just bought. I also have a small star punch so I punched a few of those two.

I knew I was going to wrap twine around the card so first I put it in my Tim Holtz’s card positioner and stamped the two sentiments – they are from old and different sets. Love my stamp positioner!

 Then I took some green baker’s twine….love bakers twine and yesterday at the thrift store I bought a huge bag of many colours of brand new bakers twine for about $3.00!....ooops, sorry sidetracked again….back to the card…..I wrapped the twine around three times, taping it at the back. Then I threaded a button with the twine and glued it in place. This keeps the twine from moving.

Then I took a lime green card base and glued the white piece on top and glued some white stars over the larger green stars.

          Making cards for young boys are much harder than those for girls but I think this one turned out okay. They are, after all, miniature men who don’t want flowers, glitz and fancy bows. That's all for a cold and snowy Wednesday, February 6th, 2018.



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jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so sorry you are so covered up in snow Violet... No snow here and you know i would love a little... little being the key word That lime green on your card is just perfect.. Its one of my current favorite colors... i say current because i have noticed that my favorite color changes I think i NEED one of those stamp positioners..Big Warm Hugs! deb

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