Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bad day today

This is, so far not a good day. I happen to suffer from two rare brain disorders - Trigeminal Neuralgia and Hemi-Facial Paralysis - the surgery I had in 2000 helped relieve the constant unbearable pain but did not cure them so I still have a lot of "bad" days. The disorders swell the right side of my face (if the cheek swells up my kids call it the "Elvis sneer" but if it goes down it's just mean looking. The worst thing is it affects my speech. No church today as I'm slurring words and I figured if I had to speak to someone I'd end up with pamphlets for AA in the mail box. Besides that our church as a huge pipe organ and those high pitched sounds are not good on normal days so definitely out today.

I have several different speech patterns when the disorders kick in and I never know how I'll sound - Joe sort of likes the southern drawl when it shows up. I'm kind of like a Sybil but with voice personalities!!!  By the way, I don't stress over this - or anything actually - and I quite often have fun with it. I can't sing at all. My kids don't even want me to sing Happy Birthday to them which got me to thinking what I would sound like if I sang on a weird speech day. Well it just so happened that the disorders attacked the night before hubby's birthday and I knew my speech would be horrible (I add extra vowels, repeat syllables and more - really bizarre) so I waited for him! I was up way before him and as he came down the stairs I started singing Happy Birthday to him. It was so funny he was bent over laughing. Said it was the funniest thing he heard in 71 years.

And no, (in case some medical people are reading this) I cannot take anything for it. I'm allergic to all meds that help it. However, this bad day shall pass! Tomorrow will be a new day and who knows what it will bring. Besides my motto is "Every day this side of the dirt is a good one".  Bad days, in the winter,are for watching funny movies and shows (Joe was gifted with DVDs of all 74 of the old Amos and Andy TV shows and we have enjoyed several of them already) and pretty much just relaxing. I may go down and do a little scrap booking and card making though. No sewing on bad days, I don't like noise and that includes the sewing machine noise.

Looking forward to tomorrow - good or bad I'll be grateful just to have it!

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