Saturday, January 15, 2011

Small Wall-Hangings

Another snowy day here in Chatham so I'm staying put. I have two small wall-hangings to finish that are going to be sent to Iraq for the soldiers. Some of us at the quilt guild are making them to be sent over. We have already sent about 110 but there are over 200 men and women in the unit so we need to make more. After I get them done I am, ready for this, not starting anything else until I clean up and tidy up my sewing room...which I refer to as my "upper studio". Its actually a large walk-in closet. I had shelves made to fit along one wall and I have just enough room for my old sewing desk my dad made me almost 40 years ago along the other wall and an old office chair in between. I think the room is about 4" wide. Very crowded and gets messy easily. Before Christmas I was so busy getting gifts made (one spy quilt, 6 fabric books, 3 pairs of pj's plus extra pants for them, plus working on the soldiers' quilts and charity quilts) that I just crammed extra fabric and pieces into crannies and I cannot stand it....I'm a Virgo! I don't deal well with mess. I love it when people donate jars of old buttons or beads to me and I sit and sort them all into colours - yes, I have a button drawer that has individual little drawers and my buttons are all sorted into colours.

Anyway, here are a couple of small wall-hangings I made for one of my son-in-laws. He drew a couple of the pictures I think and sent them to me and I developed the rest of the quilt. He loves and requested the stain-glass look so that's what he got.

This one is Thor!

This one is Odin and the Raven.

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