Friday, January 14, 2011


Well it turns out that the card I posted yesterday was not suppose to be posted until today, Friday. This is what happened. I guess I'm a creature of habit and easily confused. I usually go to Aqua-fit Monday, Wed and Friday. Didn't go Monday because I was having a bad day, didn't go Wed. because I was snowed in so I decided to go Thursday instead to get at least one workout in. So, I got home, made a coffee, sat down at the computer and thought it was Friday and posted my card. Oh well, I'm sure Stamping Bella doesn't read my blog so no harm done.

I remember when I was first off work it bothered me that I never seemed to know what day it was (doesn't bother me any more) and told my husband that I shouldn't get out of bed until I know what day it is. That didn't work. I realized the next morning that I would probably wet the bed before I figured it out. I bought a small magnetic calendar for the fridge instead - problem solved - as long as I remember to look at it!

So, here's the card I meant to post yesterday. It's the birthday card I made for one of my daughters - who does not like to get her picture taken and therefore doesn't usually give a big camera smile when she does agree to it.

Several stamps used for the border and I seldom keep the packaging that the stamps come in so I have no sources at all. the background I made by sponging several colours on a piece of cardstock using a variety of inks - love distress inks so likely used them...but I think the yellow that shows is from Stampin' Up - yoyo yellow.

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