Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Hero Sock Monkey

Yet another crafty project. My newest and sweet grandson has a room decorated with jungle animals...with lots of monkeys. His aunt is a huge monkey fan and she says it is genetic so he has to love monkeys too. So, I decided to make him a sock monkey. A friend of mine gave me the pattern and the authentic, original sock monkey socks...but I recently saw the socks at Hobby Lobby in Port Huron if anyone wants some.  Now my friend makes shirts, pants, dresses, etc for her sock monkeys but I was running out of time and trying to draft patterns for sock monkeys is not easy - so I adjusted a pair of shorts from a doll pattern - besides being an odd size, sock monkeys have tails! - and then decided to make him into a super hero. Capes are much easier to make them shirts for a sock monkey! 
So here is the super hero sock monkey. He is sitting on our porch waiting to go to his new owner.

and at his new home

and with his new owner - and mom

...told you he was a sweetie - the baby that is!

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