Monday, March 28, 2011

Dragonfly Cards

A fellow quilter requested a "Thinking of You" card with a dragonfly on it and all the ones I had were sold so I made some more. Not sure exactly what she had in mind but they always sell fast, along with butterfly cards, so I made five of them. She gets first pick before I put them out for others to pick from.

Dragonfly one. This dragonfly is a photo, not a stamp. One of my other hobbies is photography (my kids call me the "photoholic") and I love taking nature shots. I shot this red dragonfly at Rondeau Park last summer.

Dragonfly Card 2. This one is a stamp. The wings have glitter sprinkled on and it looks better in person then here. The little blue dew drops are ones that I coloured myself using Alcohol Inks which I explained in an earlier posting. I don't keep track of paper companies so this is just a piece I picked up at the Paper Pickle I think. I may have to see if they have any more 'cuz I really like it!

Dragonfly three. Same stamp as above but totally different look.

Dragonfly four. Same stamp again and yet another look.

Dragonfly five. Still another different card using the same stamp.

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