Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flower Birthday Card

No post yesterday and for no real good reason. The sister-in-law had to make a trip to London to see if she could get the cast off her arm so we didn't need to go to the hospital to visit her so I took the opportunity to go to our nearby nursing home to visit the 6 ladies and one man that are on my pastoral care list. I've been visiting these people for about 3 years now. Some are such sweethearts, some are very hard to carry a conversation with. After doing a little crafting after supper I was tired and did nothing.

What a March though! I think it is going to come, stay and go like a lion - no lamb this March. Last night we had another dusting of snow with a mix of freezing rain....and it was raining and/or freezing rain all day. Of course, if you have been followed my blog, you will recall that my two rare brain disorders do not like low atmospheric pressure. It affects me in various ways and today it was pain and a weird speech day. When hubby cannot understand me, it's bad. Quiet around here today. One of our church members called this morning to ask me to bake something to donate for desert for the upcoming fashion show and she caught me off guard and I actually answered the phone. In hindsight I guess I should have explained my weird speech. Hubby had a good laugh. He says I'll probably be asked if I need counselling for a drinking problem - and I am a total abstainer by the way! He hates answering the phone so I just automatically grab it. Oh well. I'll explain it to her one day. Maybe.

 I spent the day in my lower studio (aka the basement) and finished up a few cards. No camera, so cannot post them yet. I do have one to post though that I made before.

This card was fun to make. The three tags were cut out of watercolour paper and then a light, watered down craft paint was brushed across and when dry, I stamped with the flower stamp. the paper is just left over scraps and I stamped the Happy Birthday stamp across the top. I picked up that stamp at the Paper Pickle during their winter sale a couple of years ago. They put used stamps out for sale at a very reduce price - my kind of buying! I seldom buy anything full price except maybe glue or other essentials.

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