Monday, March 14, 2011

Irish Angels and more

Aren't these cute. I painted these many, many years ago when I first started tole painting. I hung them in my office cubicle every March back when I was a working girl. Now they just hang in my "lower studio" (aka the basement) and mostly forgotten as they are more or less behind a line of scrapbooking books. I happened to see them yesterday and decided to move them over to where I could see them.

Then, even further behind the books, were the Valentine angels that I had also totally forgotten about. I brought them out for a picture and then put them back....but I hope to remember to bring them out next February.  Not sure which ones I painted first but both are the same pattern but different colours.

The hair on both of them is that wild, curly doll hair that comes in a small package. Something a little different.

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