Sunday, March 13, 2011

Customizing your embellishments

These may not look to exciting but to me it was an experiment with a very happy ending. These started out as clear glass (or maybe plastic, not sure what they use) half circle thingies that us card makers really like - I think they are called Dew Drops and the ones I have are by a company called The Robin's Nest. I had bought a couple small jars of them but all I had was some pale lavender, very, very light green and a yellowish/gold colour. Nice but very pale colours....and there were a lot mixed in that were clear. So I picked out all the clear ones and divided them into small groups.

Then, I used a small plastic container that embossing powder came in, shook it out and added a couple drops of Alcohol Blending Solution (although plain old alcohol would have worked too) and then I added about 2 or 3 drops of Alcohol Ink. Stirred it with a toothpick and dropped in the Dew Drops and stirred them around. Then I just picked them out with tweezers and set them on a piece of over-exposed x-ray plastic I had nearby - but any piece of plastic or freezer paper would have worked. As you can see, some colours are more vivid then others so if you want a deeper colour, just add more ink. I did rinse out each colour before repeating the process - well most of the time. I did mix a couple of colours but no idea which ones. Sorry, I'm not a measurer (if there is such a word) or record keeping person. When I use these up I'll make some more that will be close to them in colour - I hope! If not, oh well!

There you have it. Customize your embellishments and have fun.

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