Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Naughty Sunbonnet Sue

Well this household did not escape the flu bug this year in spite of having had our flu shots. Joe felt sick just after 5:00 last night and he crawled into bed and slept til 9:45 (up just in time to see my Maple Leafs lose in overtime to the Islanders) and crawled back into bed and slept all night. He has survived on toast, tea and a scrambled egg today. So far, so good for me. We have been visiting his sister in the hospital for the last 9 days and every time we leave her room I use the hand sanitizer - he doesn't unless I remind him. Mmmhh. I'm just saying!

So, today I spent the entire day avoiding close contact with hubby by hiding in my sewing room. I finished my St. Patrick's Day wall-hanging but no picture yet.

I'm posting instead another small wall-hanging. Our quilt guild had another challenge and it was to turn Sunbonnet Sue into doing something naughty. I portrayed Sue as a witch boiling the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Don't ask me why. It just popped into my head and I went with it. I think it won 2nd prize.

Here's a closer version

1 comment:

gammysoap said...

so fun, I love Halloween...... very creative

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