Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Wall-Hanging

I finally finished the wall-hanging. It's amazing how much work I get done when I hide in my sewing room all day without any distractions. This is the same pattern I used to paint the Welcome sign I posted a couple of days before.

I didn't have any fabric with shamrocks at all. Incredible!...and I was determined not to buy any so I used scraps I had on hand. This was the first time I made that type of border. It looked like it would be so easy. I made sure the main part of the quilt could be divided by 2 because I was using 2" squares but guess what it turns out that when you put 2" squares on point, they are no longer 2". Mmmhhh. OK, so some days I'm not a math genius, well most days actually. So, I added 1/2" strips down both sides of the main part and lo and behold, it all worked out even.  Then I decided it really needed some shamrocks so I made 3 out of scraps and fused them to the bottom.

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