Friday, March 11, 2011

One large eye story - and a "Celebrate" card

Before I post my card for today I need to tell you a story. I meant to do it last Friday but with drops in my eye from the opthamologist computer use was limited. If having the brain surgery screw up my eyesight and giving me eye ulcers and blepharitis was not enough, last year I had eye floaters in the left eye - another "not fair". I called Dr. Fraser and he took me in right away and declared that I did not seem to tear my retina but had to go back in one month for a check up.

This follow-up was a late appointment, so I knew it would close to supper time when I got out of there so hubby and I decided ahead of time to just go pick up a pizza for supper. Now, in all fairness, Dr. Fraser did tell me that he only had to dilute one eye for the check up but somehow the implications didn't register.  After the all clear check up we went to pick up the pizza. Hubby drives and I'm the "go-fer". In I went to order the pizza and wondered why the girl was giving me a strange look. I also noticed that every employee would glance at me and then do a double look. Mmmhhh strange bunch on today.  When the girl gave me the pizza she sort of gave it to me with her arms outstretched as far as she could and had a strange "here's-yours-pizza-and-thank-you-for-not-hurting-me" look in her eye. Really strange.  However, it all made sense when I got home and looked in the mirror - one eye was normal looking and the other one was one large, black pupil. No wonder they were concerned about my being there. Probably all wondered what drug I was abusing! 

I tell you this because last month I had eye floaters in the right eye - yes, another not fair! I had to go back last Friday for the check up and when hubby asked if I wanted to stop for a pizza I said no thanks. I made home-made soup that morning for supper. I'm not always a slow learner and I learned my lesson last year - if you have only one eye diluted, go straight home!

Anyway, on to the card. I love this stamp and I use it a lot.

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