Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bellarific Friday entry dilemma

Ohhhhhh, I'm so tired. My brain disorders having been on a wild ride thru my head for the last four days and last night was the worse. I could not lay flat until the pain subsided, about 2:00 a.m. and - the  - phone -  rang  - at  - 4:30!!!! My sister-in-law had another fall so off to the hospital we went. She sent us home about 9:30 as they had just given her 2 Percocets and after another x-ray they were sending her home and she had a ride. I was so grateful to be home and collapsed on the couch until 12:30.

However, the day goes on and I went down to the lower studio (aka the basement) and made another card. I had made one for this week's Bellarific challenge but had stamped the same image twice so coloured up the second one. I love to sit and colour when I'm tired or having spasms as it is so relaxing - and if I screw up I can toss it into the recycle bin whereas if I'm sewing I feel obligated to pick out errors - hate that!

So then I couldn't decide which card to submit. I liked them both. I finally made a decision. Here is the card that I didn't send in for the challenge...I'll post the other one tomorrow.

The challenge this week was to honour your mother, or grandmother, etc. I don't have either one anymore, sad to say. My mother died at age 55 of breast cancer so this is me on my soap box urging all ladies to get a mammogram! Mine is booked for next month.  So, I just put the "with love" tag along the side and then I'll put a "happy birthday" or "thinking of you" inside. Haven't decided yet which it will be.

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