Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Easter Basket

This is my Easter basket that sits on our dining room table each season. The basket itself was a gift we received with silk flowers in it but over the years the flowers got a little sad looking so I tossed them and kept the basket. It’s just decorated with bits of various flower stems I had in my stash along with the butterflies from the dollar store.

 The eggs you see are just those plastic eggs also from the dollar store. I drilled a hole in the top of each one and put a string of clear fishing line thru some with a large button on the inside because I used to hang them on suction hooks on the window. Then I made some more and I put ribbon thru right away with a big old knot glued on the inside so it would stay put. Then I glued the eggs together. They were then covered with bits of torn tissue paper which I applied with Mod Podge. After I was satisfied with the coverage I applied one more coat of Mod Podge and then sprinkled clear glitter over the entire egg and hung each one to dry.  After they were dry I added small roses or other flowers and sometimes more ribbon was glued on. Love my glue gun! These are so easy to make. My granddaughter, Kadri, was about 6 when she was here one Easter and she sat and made some as well. So it’s a great kid project.

Here is a close up of a couple of the eggs.

The little rabbit standing in front was another one of those projects that I do without planning. I picked up a huge bag of various wooden parts at a church rummage sale and inside was one wooden bowling pin. I took one look at it and decided it was not a bowling pin but a rabbit. A quick coat of white paint on it and a heart shaped wooden piece was all it took to get it started. The bowling pin was glued to the heart shape which made the rabbits feet. I then painted on the eyes. I had some of that chunky chenille in white so I cut off a length of four pieces, bent it in half, added plain pink chenille for the middle and glued it all together and on top of the head. Two white pompoms for the cheeks and one pink one for the nose completed the head. I used the two left over white chunky chenille for the arms. I just glued them at the back and wrapped them around. He also has a white pompom tail. Another easy kid project.

Here's the rabbit.

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