Monday, April 11, 2011

Bleeding Heart Sympathy Card

This is going to be a short post. Very tired today. The weather has finally warmed up but with it came rain and thunderstorms both of which trigger my Trigeminal Neuralgia to go wild. Sleeping doesn't come easy.
I did have a chance to make a few sympathy cards last week. I used some of my own photography instead of stamps this time. The one I'm sharing today was put in the mail this morning for my husband's cousin who just lost her husband. We didn't make it to the funeral because I don't venture out in public when I'm having attacks, especially when they affect my speech and I sound like I'm three sheets to the wind (aka drunk)...and I'm a total abstainer so I don't want people dropping off pamphlets to join AA. Joe hasn't seen any of his cousins for years either. It happens sometimes. Everyone goes their own way with their own families and somehow cousins and other extended family, and sometimes old friends, just get set on the back burner. We all mean to keep in touch but it just doesn't always happen...especially when cousins can be years apart in age.

Here is the card.

The bleeding hearts bloom in my garden every May. Love bleeding hearts. I bought the card blanks at Dollarama and didn't realize they were embossed. Their just OK but I won't buy them again.

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