Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My knitted Canada Sweater

Another cool, OK, cold, day here in Ontario. This is not normal May weather. May weather is usually so nice its considered God's apology for February! Unfortunately my brain disorders decided to attack last night for no apparent reason and the cold air just makes it worse so I'm grounded today. No bird watching today. Hubby said he had to cut the grass one day anyway so he's done that for the week. Hopefully tomorrow we will get back to birding. Its such a short season I hate it when we can't get out.

OK, enough whining! I used to knit...not very well, definitely not very fast..but I used to knit. I only made 3 and 3/4 sweaters before I decided to give it up. Every time I would knit the first knuckle on the right hand would swell up so bad it looked like a ping pong was stuck under the skin. It was about then that I started to learn to quilt which is much faster, for me anyway, and I enjoyed more so I gave up knitting. About the same time my daughter took up knitting. She was in a car accident and had a concussion and other injuries and was told to stay home. She is not a sit around type of girl and she could only read so much so one day her husband, God bless him, came home with a bag of yarn, needles and a pattern. He told her she had mentioned a couple of times that one day she would like to learn to knit so he stopped at a yarn store and the lady helped him pick out an easy pattern and the yarn and needles and he bought it all for her. She called me a couple of times to decipher the pattern and she was off like a rocket. I was happy to give all my supplies to her. She is much faster and better then me even though she had just learned how to knit.  Well, not all. I have the sweater that is about 3/4 done. I was determined to finish it but after about 4 years of it sitting there I'm beginning to lose interest!

Here is the first sweater I made. Love this sweater. So patriotic and I am such a proud Canadian.

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