Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brown Happy Birthday Card for a Dad

Today is father’s day – always a bit of a sad day for me as my own father has been gone for so long. However, my girls all have husbands that are wonderful dads and my husband is their dad in their eyes. It’s funny that they call him Joe but refer to him as “my dad” and will introduce us to their friends as “my mom and dad” or “my parents….”…and he is definitely Grandpa to their children – and he loves them all as if he was their biological dad and grandfather. It’s love that makes a family, not genes!

Now on to the card. This is another birthday card for a father.

I made a tan card and covered the left side with a darker colour that I first ripped to have a jagged edge and then inked the edges with a very dark brown ink. The letters were removed from an old greeting card that someone donated to me. I cut a light coloured rectangle to hold the letters and mounted it on a larger piece of a light wine coloured cardstock with inked edges. I then cut a triangle from the same light wine c/s, again the edges were inked, and adhered to the right side in the middle. The gold birthday cake was from a Peel-and-Press sheet and the gold outline dots were from another sheet thatwere the left-over’s from a ribbon peel-and-press. I have removed the outer package from these so I have no idea who makes them but you can buy them at various craft stores, including the Paper Pickle.

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