Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Janette and Ross' Crazy Quilt Duvet Cover

Wow, what a thunderstorm we drove thru. We went to Petrolia today to see another play - it was not as good as the last one - but then we drove into Sarnia to have Chinese food at Tangs again. I mentioned that the radio said Sarnia was expecting severe thunderstorms today but you know men - "Ah, thunderstorms only last about 10 minutes and their gone. We'll be fine"! Famous last words. It was teeming rain when we came out of the restaurant and we sat for about 15 minutes waiting for it to stop raining and it never did so we headed for home. It would let up for while and them pour down on as all the way home. Long ride home.

So, tonight this will be a quick post. This is a crazy quilt duvet cover that my daughter Janette and her hubby, Ross, requested.

All the girls and their husbands love crazy quilts but Ross really, really loves them. There was no theme, no colour scheme or pattern...which is just what they wanted. So many colours and patterns and bits and pieces of fabric from clothes that I had made along with some cotton. Easy to make for sure. It is foundation based as usual for a crazy quilt.

Here's the funny part. They gave me the size of a queen size bed duvet - which they hadn't bought yet but were going to. Mother's intuition kicked in and I made it and gave it to them for Christmas but not finished. I refused to sew the backing on and the long zipper until they actually had bought the duvet itself. Good job because they had the brilliant idea to buy a King size because Ross likes to wrap himself up in the duvet and hogs it so they thought a larger one would be better - and figured I could just "add" to it later. NOT a good idea girl! So I took it back home, made more blocks to the right size and then finished it. Gotta stay one step ahead at all times!

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