Tuesday, June 21, 2011

two more quilts for our soldiers

Like most quilt guilds ours has the Block of the Month program. My friend Phene was the chair of the committee and another friend Lynn and I were the helpers. We decided to do something a little different this year and have "Border of the Month" and instead of different blocks each month, (we have been doing blocks since inception 11 years ago) we would showcase different borders. To say it was not well received is an understatement. No idea why. Everyone seemed to be on board with it but no one actually participated in turning in even a 12" strip to demo so we gave it up and went back to block of the month. 

However, here are two of the samples of borders we gave instructions for.

This one was Prairie Points. I decided as a demo to make a small wall-hanging quilt that will be donated with others to be sent to Iraq for our Canadian soldiers. We sent over 100 of them last fall and we want to send another 100. The soldiers pin them to their tents as a small reminder of home. They are all different as many guild members make them. I happened to pick up these panels of John Deere tractors and I thought there may be a few soldiers who come from a farming family who might enjoy them.

The other border we demonstrated was the square in square or diamond border. Lots of quilting blocks and borders have more then one name.

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