Thursday, June 16, 2011

Make a Wish Card

Yesterday I went to an all day quilting workshop. I don’t usually do these but the technique was a new one to me – quilt as you go. I’ve seen it demonstrated scads of time but never wrote any directions down. It was a long day! The project was a courthouse step reversible table runner. It’s the type of quilting where you have to stop and think about each and every move – not my strong point! I broke 2 needles and bent another one in the process. I think it happened because I was using decorative stitches with a walking foot. I had some stitches skip and nest at the bottom of a couple of seams too. I quit a bit early and I’m taking what I have done up to R.B. Fabrics to see if Rick can tell me why this is happening before I get back to it.

So, on to the card I’m posting today. This card is for my oldest grandson who is turning 12 this year. Making cards for the older boys is a challenge….and hubby keeps telling me that the boys don’t really give a hoot about the card. They like to get one from Grandma but don’t really care what it looks like. He could be right. It’s the cheque inside they really like.

I covered a blank card with this multi-coloured paper I bought from Paper Wishes. Cut out the cupcake, the star, circle and doodads and stamped the circle with a Happy Birthday greeting and adhered them all but the star and writing using pop-ups.. The “Make a Wish” was cut out from a Cuttlebug die. Easy card to put together and yet I rather like it – and I hope Joven does too.

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