Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mammoth Foot Stool

Today I'm posting a foot stool that I painted to match our living room/dining room drapes. I made one foot stool myself up at the Senior Centre with the guys "help" but their "help" wasn't much good and the foot stool was too weak to actually sit on. In fact, if one of the grand babies sat on it would collapse so I use it to hold our telephone. A friend's hubby is a gifted carpenter and I ended up buying a foot stool for him that is very sturdy. He chuckled at the one I made and agreed with me that the guys at the senior centre weren't much help at all. So, after getting the stool I stained it and then painted a woolly mammoth on it to match the drapes. Hard to picture the drapes I know but they are really beautiful - very earthy with prehistoric animals on it.

Here's the stool.

The other stool is painted with the same image. It's just done with regular craft paint - likely DecoArt or Creamcoat and then varnished.

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