Friday, June 3, 2011

spring wall-hanging quilt

What a great day today in Ontario. No humidity but warm. After a long walk this morning with hubby I had to water the garden, especially the pots. Cannot believe how dry the garden is after all the rain we've had but I guess it soaked in really well. We lost about 6 roses this year but I still have almost 30 left so I'm not replacing them! I'm not, really! Well, maybe if they come on sale.

This afternoon I did my pastoral care visits at Riverview Gardens. Some residents are a pleasure to visit with some are difficult to find something to talk about. I took some of my bird and nature photos and some of my grandchildren and they all loved them. It's a lovely nursing home though and they are well cared for which is a blessing and a credit to the staff. Each floor is named after a flower and our quilt guild made large wall-hanging quilts to hang opposite the elevators to depict that particular flower. I didn't help make them but who ever did did a wonderful job.

But back to the post. I forgot to post this one when I first hung it up. The flowering bulbs are done blooming now - sad we love the spring bulbs - but I thought I'd post it anyway.

Once again this one hangs at the top of our staircase on the wrought iron railing every spring. I made it in 2004 and it was one of the first fusible pictures I did. I used a variety of fabrics including some batiks to create the flowers and leaves to show some colour variations. I fussy cut out each petal to make sure each one had some different colours in it. The 3 small bleeding hearts were also fussy cut to show the natural seam down the centre. The large tulip did not have as much  colour difference once it was fused and neither did the daffodils. Not much I could do with the tulip because it was a piece of silk type material and didn't take well to colouring but I did put some brown colour on the daffodil from an oil pastel crayon to give it some dimension. I just dive into projects without lessons and sometimes I get better results then other times but each one is a learning experience. I found the pattern in an old magazine and every spring I think the top tulip looks out of place and I should fix it somehow - and every spring I put it away thinking - next year!

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