Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bird season has ended

This has been a busy week! Still under the brain disorders attacks so I haven't been exercising much - definitely no Aqua Fit. Monday my speech was so weird Joe couldn't understand me so I stayed home all day. Tuesday we went to Port Huron to stock up on our vegetarian food that we cannot buy here. We picked a day in the 90's to go and we ran into a detour in Michigan and ended up driving about 18 km out of our way. Saw part of Michigan we have never seen before - long, long detour. However, chinese food buffet at Chan's made up for it.

Yesterday day was lunch out with the girls and then a walk downtown with hubby, coffee with friends, home for a quick supper and off to a quilt guild meeting. Whew! In between I've gotten just two anniversary cards done that a lady wants. Good job she said she doesn't need them until later this summer. I'll post those later.

Well, bird season has pretty much ended here. Most of the migratory birds have moved on so I seldom take my camera to the parks anymore. We pretty much take the bikes now and I don't like it bouncing on my back. I carry a small pocket camera with me though in case we see a snake or frog, etc up close - or a deer. It's not much good for birds unless the bird is sitting about 6 feet from me and that doesn't usually happen. (Joe cannot understand why snakes don't freak me out but a tiny, little spider does - shudder, hate them)

So, I've downloaded my bird and nature photos to Shutterfly. If you have any interest in seeing them, feel free to check out my site.

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