Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lighthouse Wall-hanging Quilt

Although Joe and I enjoyed a comedy at Victoria Playhouse today along with a great Chinese supper at Tangs and a walk along the water under the Blue Water Bridge, the day was saddened when we got home by the announcement that a quilting friend passed away in her garden today. Margaret Storey will be missed. She was a wonderful lady who had great stories to share, a talented quilter and gardener. May she rest in peace!


So, today I'm going to showcase one of the first landscape quilts I made....a lighthouse scene, of course. You have probably noticed by now that my husband loves lighthouses and lake ships so they seem to be worked into a lot of my projects.

I think I made this in 2004 and I didn't' start quilting until 2001. I had no idea what I was doing but that never stops me! I actually did have a pattern for this but I was so new at quilting that when I bought the pattern at Fabricland I didn't realize it was for a bed size quilt. I thought it was a wall-hanging. I bought waaay too much of some fabric before I actually opened the pattern and saw the size of it! Too funny. So, I just decreased the house and lighthouse pattern and made up the rest as I went along. The quilts hanging on the line are just attached at the top so they hang loose like on a real clothes line...and no, I didn't piece those tiny quilt tops. I happened to have some fabric in my stash that looked like it so I used that. I only had two so I turned one quilt around so it looked like the back of the quilt. I would do a better job now on it but Joe likes it so we hang it up on the railing every June.

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