Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brown Happy Birthday Card

Another beautiful day! Hubby cut the grass today while I dead-headed the roses and did some weeding. The fellow who lives behind us and the one couple next door have nothing but weeds growing in their gardens so it comes over to ours - thistles, goldenrod, huge dandelions, burdock and more. So frustrating. However, our gardens all look great and we love to sit out in the backyard and relax and view the gardens and watch the birds. Love being retired!....but my back does not care for weeding days!

This afternoon I finished up the last quilt top of a bunch I'm making for a family. I bought a new sewing machine this year and it was pointed out to me that the bobbin case covers are now clear so "you can see when you are about to run out of thread". Yeah, that still isn't working for me! I need a hand to come out and slap me when it runs out. I sewed an entire row and except for about 3", no thread in the bobbin.

Oh well, on the the card of the day. This one I thought would be good for a man.
I'm trying to use up some odds and ends and as I don't keep track of the source of the paper I just use what ever seems to go together. I used a plain card base, covered the left edge with the ochre coloured paper, took a piece of brown and tore the left edge and inked it with black ink and adhered it over the ochre. I cut another yellow/brown striped paper, inked the edges and added it. Then I cut out some tags in various sizes, some glued together, stamped and cut out the gift box, inked all the edges and stamped sentiments on them and adhered them down the striped paper...and of course, added the bow.

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