Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Singing in the rain Mixed Media

I have been inspired by Stampin' Bella's blog and Linda Heaven's blog to do a little "out- of-the-box" creation myself. It's something I have always admired, wanted to do, but just couldn't get started....likely because of the fear of failure. But this afternoon I decided to go for it. I only had a 5x7 canvas frame on hand so that's what I used and I have limited supplies for mixed media art - but I have a feeling that will soon change!

I showed the piece to my non-artist hubby and he said his usual "Oh, that's nice" but then he asked "What kind of a bird is that"? 
"It's a blue bird, and the little ones are pink birds"
 He is so not into creative expressions and when I paint something he wants it to look exactly like a real object - which is why I usually just paint him lighthouses.

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