Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Christmas 2006 Scrapbook Page

Well, after posting pictures of that incredible quilt from Point Pelee on Sunday I'm not going to post any of my quilts for awhile!!! Wow, what a quilt that is!

And, I'm not posting all my first attempts at scrapbooking. I think you can see how in time everyone develops their own style. I read one professional scrapbook designer's bio who said she could not sleep at night if she ever put a picture on an angle on her own pages whereas another designer thought pictures on an angle was a must. I see some scrapbook pages that look like works of art but the embellishments are the focal point instead of the pictures....that's not for me. I'm pretty much a multi-photoper-page- clean-lines-with-few-embellishment type. Here's an early example from 2006 when I first started to see the pattern forming.

I do like the odd picture on an angle for interest. but I like the grid formation a lot and I seem to use it more and more. Different grids mind you, but still neat and tidy.

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