Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Christmas 2006 Scrapbook Page

I have been busy in my "lower studio" (aka the basement) but besides doing the mixed media challenges from Stampin' Bella, I've been scrapbooking pictures from 2011 and I really want to walk thru my early layouts which I call learning steps before I post them. What I haven't been doing is making cards and I must get at that. I'm completely sold out of sympathy cards and men's birthday cards. So, I'm posting yet another layout from my early years of scrapbooking. Still not many tools of the trade to use but my layouts are getting better - at least I think so. Come to think of it, I have not been in my "upper studio" (aka a large walk-in closet I call my sewing room) for about a month. No vents in a closet and it's just too hot in there so now I'm way behind in my sewing/quilting too....and Halloween is coming up and I have costumes to make. If you are a Halloween lover, wait til you see the costumes I've made that I'll be posting in October.

I regress once again so back to it. This one was an easy and quick layout but I'm really quite pleased at how it turned out. I got all family and extended family pictures on the two pages but it is still neat and clean, just he way I like it. Rounding the corners really helped too as it made it less severe looking. I had to block out where we held Christmas that year (family's request) but those letters match the letters that spell Christmas. Instead of the "I" for the "in" I used a small tree that I punched out.

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