Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quilt Extraordinaire - (not mine)

Today hubby and I took a drive down to Point Pelee National Park. After a 28.3 km bike ride yesterday we decided to take it easy least that was the plan but we ended up hiking about 7km instead....we never learn. Hot, humid hike!

Anyway, after having lunch out on the patio at Freddy's we went to the park. Last time we were there we were on our bikes and I don't carry my camera with me when I bike and I was so disappointed that I didn't have it. I have no idea where hubby went to that day but he disappeared so I wandered into one of the display rooms and I was spell bound by what was on the wall....the largest and most incredible quilt ever made by one person I have ever seen. I dragged hubby in to see it when he showed up and he didn't believe it was fabric at first. Incredible quilt. So glad I got to back today with my camera. This quilt was made by Teresa Altiman, A.O.C.A. who lives near Chatham in Walpole Island.

There are several pictures to show you so here goes. The first one is the overall quilt.

And now I'm going to post close-ups from top to bottom.

I told you there were a lot of pictures but it is such a long quilt and the detail is so incredible I just had to take pictures of each section. I'm hoping our quilt guild can have this quilter as a guest speaker one night....especially if she does a trunk show.

If you are anywhere near Leamington, ON do make a trip to Point Pelee and see Ms. Altiman's quilt.

There are two other quilts at the visitor centre and they are both hanging in the theatre. One one made by the wife of one of the wardens back in the 70's I think but that picture did not turn out. The theatre was still in darkness and the flash sort of distorted the image. The other one was made in the 80's by a company that designs quilts for display. Here is a picture of it. It looks like a painting, but it is made from cloth.

Sorry for the black spot. I was having camera problems and several pictures had this spot for awhile.

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