Saturday, August 6, 2011

Christmas blocks layout

Right now I should be setting up to BBQ our veggie dogs at Rondeau but when Joe went to load up the bicycles mine had a flat tire. Darn. We finally found a place that could fix it today so hopefully we will still get a bike ride in today. Summers coming to a quick end so we have to get out a few more times. Last year I had a flat tire too but there was a reason for it - negative vibes! Here's what happened. You won't believe it.

We ride a lot at Rondeau Park and the South Point trail is the farthest point to ride. The bike trail got washed out at the point a few years ago so you have to push the bikes thru the sand to get to the trail again. Joe kept saying "One of these days we'll get a flat tire right at the end of South Point". I kept telling him to stop saying that! He was sending a negative message out to the universe and the universe will deliver what he wants. He would just laugh at me. So, one day we are pushing our bikes thru the sand - about 20 feet from land to the water so lots of room - and I was having so much trouble pushing it the last half he came back to help me and we discovered why - I had picked up a thumb tack and had a flat tire - exactly at the farthest point from the car. Great! He had ride his bike back to the car and then come back for me and meanwhile I had to push my bike with a flat tire back to the road as no cars are allowed on the bike path. He no longer sends out negative messages to the universe. Lesson learned.

OK, now that that is done I'm going to post the Christmas block layout. This was before I had a digital camera and you just hope you get a good shot. And of course, you get one person smiling and the person beside them frowning, or eyes closed or making a goofy face and who wants to scrap that. So, I designed blocks and used the photos of the people who took a good picture and cut out the other ones.

Here it is:

Here's a close up of each page.

Took awhile to design this but once I got going at it it went pretty fast. The trick is to use diamonds in light, medium and dark colours so when they are put together they look like blocks.

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