Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wooden Monthly Calendar for August

One of my daughter's mother-in-law is also a tole painter and her husband does beautiful woodworking.  He made her two of those wooden calendars that has the days of the week that slide into groves and the month hangs on pegs and she was kind enough to paint one for my daughter. I bought a blank one from him but I had to do my own thing. Most people paint one design on them and just change the months but I didn't want to look at the same picture all year.

I went to the hardware store and bought some very think wood and had them cut out to fit the top of the calendar. I drilled holes in the top corners and put small nails into the calendar base. Then I just painted 12 different pictures with each one representing a month. This is the last day of August so I thought it was time I posted it.

I found this picture in a magazine and thought it was perfect to represent hot lazy days of August. I told Joe that this was us, him sleeping and me cooking. He says "she" is just eating but I think she's preparing a meal!

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