Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mixed Media Challenge for Sept 26, 2011

This is Monday's post. Monday could be a very busy day - Aqua Fit at 8:30 a.m. and then going to the church to help make quilts for ChildCan, a London ON organization that gives out quilts to children diagnosed with cancer...they also give parking vouchers and other helpful things to the parents. Our guilt guild makes dozens of quilts for them and a bunch of us get together every second Monday Sept - June to make them.

So, I'm posting Monday's post on Sunday night. This week's challenge from Stampin' Bella was to make a mixed media piece using a picture or saying from a magazine - one that means something to us. I was flipping thru a very old gardening magazine and I saw an ad that said "Color Your World Beautiful". They, of course, meant flowers but I think people of all colours, nationalities and religions make the world colourful. (I always stumble typing the American way of spelling color because we Canadians add the "u" in there).

Anyway, I made one piece and thought it was just so-so and because I had extra time I went ahead and made a second one using the same title. Not sure I like it better! I ended up sending them both to Emily at Stampin' Bella's and asked her to pick one to post, if she liked either one. I guess I'll find out tomorrow which one, if either, she posted.

Here is the first one:
and here is the second one:

On the stem of the pink flower almost in the middle of the page is the word "bloom". I actually cut the stem out on the wrong side of the paper and when I flipped it over I couldn't believe that the word was printed there. What a happy fluke! This was just a scrap piece of green paper and I didn't even realize the word was on it. So I looked more closely at the paper and there was a saying that read "life is about growing" so I cut out a stem on the right side of the paper to make sure I got it in the stem.  Fun project but still not crazy about them.

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