Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Devil's Bride Costume

This picture is from way back about 1986. I was a single mom with three kids and buying expensive Halloween costumes was not something we ever did and buying new material to make them was also out of the picture. So, we made a trip to one of the thrift stores to see what we could find....but we didn't look at the Halloween costume area - too common and ordinary.  We headed for the bridal dept and we found this terrible bridesmaid dress that was bright red and I said to Janette - "This looks like it could be a wedding dress for the devil" and laughed. Then we looked at each other and said "Oh, yeah. This is the one".  So, we bought the dress and cape that went with it and accessorised it from there. Here it is:

The cape came with it. Can you imagine this as a bridesmaid dress? I made some horns and put them on clips so they looked like they came right out of her head. Some cheap black netting was easy too. We put white makeup on her face and neck and hands and did her nails in black. My neighbour came over while we were assembling this and she said "I have just the thing to finish it" and ran home. She came back with the faded, dead looking lily. Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

that is awesome, both the costume and the story!

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