Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spider Imitation Layout

Last October was very warm and we enjoyed our Canadian Thanksgiving playing outside. Seth, who was 3, came to tell my daughter and I that he just saw a spider in a web in the garden and said "This is what he looked like" and tried his best to look like a spider in a web. It was just too cute and luckily I had my camera sitting right beside me(as always) and I snapped his picture.

I wanted the area behind the round black and white letters to stand out so I sprayed that area with a hand-made glimmer mist solution. Not sure what I mixed up though. I really should write some of these down but I never think of it at the time.

The other page is the boys and I playing in their other grandparents backyard where we all celebrated Thanksgiving together.

And here are the two pages together.

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