Wednesday, September 7, 2011

anniversary cards

I was asked to make another anniversary card for a couple's 65th wedding anniversary - wow! 65 years! Not too many people make that one. The customer wanted basically the same card that I made for her last summer for another anniversary. So I made one similar - this one.
It was OK but I decided for 65 years they needed something extra. So I made another one and added a couple of embellishments. Here it is:

See the cute little stick pins? It just added a little something extra. They are super easy to make too. You need some jewelry findings, beads, fabric butterflies, old jewelry pieces, punch outs, etc. I happen to have all of the above so it was easy for me to put them together. The little butterfly came in a package full of different coloured butterflies from Dollarama. I punched the heart out and added the numbers for the other one. I have several odd jewelry pieces ready to make into more stick pins for future cards. The bows came from the Tender Tootsie Shoe outlet in Glencoe.

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