Saturday, October 1, 2011

Household hint and Thank You Cards

Before I post my card, I want to share a household hint with you that will save smashed jars and/or toes. Have you ever had a jar slip from your fingers - especially large ones like pickle jars? I have and one of them just missed hitting my toe. So, I came up with a solution and it works like a charm - and its free, for most people! Get about 3 thick rubber bands, like the ones that come on broccoli (which is why this method is free (unless you don't eat broccoli I guess) and put them about a third of the way down the jar - do not separate them. Leave them rolled together. Then, we pick up a jar and your hand slips it will stop at the rubber bands. Brilliant!...if I do say so myself. I have these on all jars in the fridge, no matter what size they are. I guess if you don't eat broccoli you will have to buy some large bands!

OK, on to the card. Once in awhile I get the necessary urge to use all small pieces of paper and cardstock to make some cards. I make sure I absolutely do not cut into a new piece of paper. I have all my small pieces filed by colour in a small binder from the dollar store. I pulled them out and got to work. I made seven thank you cards from these pieces. Here's one of them.

The paper on the left has blue circles around the brown circles so I picked a piece of blue cardstock to run thru the Cuttlebug using the scallop square. I paired the left side with a dark brown and added a chocolate ribbon and bow (tied with my home-made bow easy) The sentiment was stamped using chocolate brown as well and then I added a blue swirl...which looks like a different blue here but it does match the scallop square.

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