Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Mummy

This is my oldest grandson, Joven, wearing a mummy suit that I originally made for his sister. Now, when I made it for Kadri it had more spiders, worms and even rats coming out of it but I guess over the years they fell out - or my daughter removed them!!!

This was actually easier to make, and more stable, then it looks. I made this several years ago but I think I remember how I did it.  Here's what you do. Take an old sweat shirt with a hood and sweat pants that are pretty big for who ever is going to wear it. Take an old sheet and rip it into strips - crosswise so your strips are not too long . If you can remove part of the sewing machine arm to fit the arm and leg over it, you can just start sewing. Otherwise, you will have to remove the seams to make your shirt and pants lay flat and then resew the seams later. This would actually be easier but I seldom seem to do things the easy way. Start at one end of one sleeve or leg and wrap and sew one edge to the leg/sleeve hiding the bottom. Leave the unsewn edge free and let it fray. When you get close to the end of each strip, stop sewing, add another strip under the first one, fold back the first one so it flops free, and start sewing again. You want the mummy to look like its breaking out of its cloth so leave lots of ends hanging down.

Every once in awhile add a piece of cheese cloth, sew down three sides to form a pocket and slip in a plastic spider, worm, rat, etc. then sew it close.  If you forget to add the cheesecloth, add it in later. Remember this is a Halloween costume and not fine art so don't worry about threads showing - in fact, leave your threads hanging to add texture.

 Just keep sewing and layering all the way up. Repeat other side....and take pictures of the kids wearing them. I don't have one of Kadri wearing it because they did not live where I live and her mom forgets to take pictures.

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