Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ojibway Nature Centre Layout

Yesterday was not a creative day. Instead it was an organizing day. That's what I do when I have too much pressure on the brain to be able to concentrate or be creative. When I cut paper for a card or scrapbook there is always leftovers. Being very frugal, I carefully place them in a file folder from the dollar store, one colour in each compartment - until I drop it when it's open that is. Then its a bit mixed up. But the biggest problem is when I need a couple of small pieces of a colour and I open it up and I see one piece but can't be bothered taking the time to find the second piece, I just cut into a new large piece. The file folders (yes, I ended up needing another one) got so full I couldn't close them.

OK, I'm a Virgo, we can only take unorganized messes so long and it has to be put in place. Yesterday was spent dumping each folder, dividing them back into colour blocks, and then, you non-Virgos will not believe this, I separated each piece into piles with other matching pieces and then placed each pile into small plastic bags, and then put them back into the folders. You can stop laughing, because, now, all I have to do is pull out a bag, find some patterned paper to match and make a card. No more searching for small pieces....and yes, I really did do that and I'm glad I did.

On to the layout. Hubby and I took two of our grandsons to the Ojibway Nature Centre outside Windsor last summer. They had a such a good time. They were in the process of building a new indoor visitor centre so we didn't spend much time inside, but the boys did get to see a Mississauga Rattler which they thought was cool. We were more interested in the outdoors anyway. Here's the spread I did.

They have several trails behind the visitors' centre and a couple of ponds. The boys were searching for turtles and frogs. The title was interesting to do. I bought two containers of foam letters from the dollar store, one large size, one smaller. They come in bright primary colours. So ugly. I believe I have posted this tip earlier but I'll do it again in case you missed it. To paint the letters, simply take a piece of masking tape and place it sticky side up on your table. Tape the ends down and if it's really long maybe do a small bit in the middle just along the edge. Put the letters down and paint. No paint on your fingers and you can do the sides at the same time. After they were dry I decided they were a little blah and added yellow dots with the end of a stylus.

Here are the close-ups.

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