Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seth the Magic Dragon Halloween Layout

I know Halloween is over but I just got my layouts photographed yesterday so I decided to post them. This is the layout I did with Seth trying on his dragon costume.

I actually arranged the pictures using a digital template and printed them off at home. I was in a hurry and couldn't be bothered sending the pictures out to be printed. It's way too expensive to print in colour at home but once in awhile I do. I would do more layouts digitally if I could get them printed but so far I cannot find anyone local who will do it. I set my camera at a very high pixel and the processors cannot print them without chopping them off. So annoying. Ignore the squiggly lines on the far right. These are shadows from my chive plant. I like to photograph outside in the natural light but once in awhile I get a shadow and I don't notice it until I put them on the computer.

Here are the separate pages.

Did you notice the pictures of me sewing this costume? Get a good look at that tail. Its huge and it was the first thing that had to be made and stuffed so I had to swing it over one shoulder or the other to sew the rest of the costume. I was sitting in my cubby hole of a sewing room sewing away and all of a sudden I thought to myself, "This is just too funny of a "Kodak Moment" not to share"! So I had hubby snap a picture of me sewing it. I posted these pictures on a previous post but in case you didn't see them, I thought an explanation was in order.

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