Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Card Holder Boxes

Well what a surprise I had yesterday when I logged on to Stampin' Bella's blog to see the "white" cards posted - the images were coloured. Hhhmm, I guess I made that challenge a little harder then it needed to be! Apparently the image could be coloured and the rest of the card had to be white. There was another one or two cards all in white too so I wasn't the only one who read it wrong. But, quite honestly, I like the card I made all white so that was a happy accident! 

Today I'm sharing some boxes to hold Christmas cards that I painted. I have one for myself and the others went to my daughters. These started out as plain wood boxes from the dollar store....not real thick wood, but sturdy enough. Each box is 6"x9" by 2" deep so plenty of room to hold the cards you get.

A snowy penguin sliding on the ice.

Happy Snow People

Same pattern as above (with a couple differences) but for some reason the snow people have odd expressions - bored maybe?

This one was my favorite but it was also Barbi's favorite so she claimed it for her own.

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