Saturday, December 31, 2011

Doll Quilt for a Ken Doll

Well, tonight is New Year's Eve. Here's wishing everyone a happy and safe night. We'll be lucky if we make it to midnight around here. Hubby's still coughing, hacking and snorting from his "never-ending" cold. Man is it hanging on. He read somewhere that the new cold virus takes over two weeks to shake and he's walking proof of that.

Like yesterday, I was searching thru and organizing some of my file folders and came across a picture of this small doll quilt I made in the summer. I had bought some Barbi Dolls and a Ken doll that were like brand new at the thrift store and made some extra clothes for them to donate to the Goodfellows. I didn't have time to make any extra clothes for the Ken doll but then I remembered this small quilt I had made and put it in with him. I had won some small 4-patches in brown at the quilt meeting but not enough to really put in a large quilt. Last year I made one of my grandsons a quilt and the backing had helicopters and planes on it. It wasn't until I was making it that I realized that there was the odd symbol of the U.S. Army on it. I only had a bit of that material left over and wondered how I was going to use it up (I hate to waste anything) when I realized that it would make a good centre for a doll quilt for a male doll. Here it is.

It took some math figuring to get it to all fit together but it turned out OK. Although I used to enjoy making Barbi doll clothes for my granddaughter, I've decided I don't like it that much any more. So, I think next year the Goodfellows will be getting a lot of doll quilts they can put with other dolls people donate. Good way to use up some of the stash and I'm sure the little girls will enjoy having a quilt for their dolls!!!

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