Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snowman Cowboy on Slate

Another rainy day here in Ontario. According to a report my husband heard, this has been the 2nd rainiest year since they started to record weather. He missed which year was the most but it can't be much more then this year.

Were any of you brave enough to get in on the Boxing Day sales? Not me! There is nothing I want bad enough to endure that. Some people waited in line, outside in the cold from midnight to 6:00 when the store opened to save $200 on a TV. Sorry, just not my thing to do. I'd rather sleep in my own warm bed, thank you just the same.

We don't have snow but I do love snowmen - snowladies - snowpersons - whatever! I had some small pieces of slate that I painted snowmen on and a lady saw the snowman dressed like a cowboy and bought it for her grandson to hang in his room.

It is painted with acrylic paint and then varnished in case they decide to hang it outside at some point. I love these little pieces of slate. The lady that gave the slate to me also gave me a slate cutter. I love it! I can cut a piece of slate into a circle even. So good to have friends!

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